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File Exchange Features

• File Exchange offers a dedicated portal with multi-level security for the exchange, review and editing of project-specific documents.
• Project Information Managers (PIMS) create registration links for users wishing to use File Exchange. PIMS also control the content that is accessed by each user based upon the client’s request.
• Users can upload multiple files at the same time and create new folders to store these documents.
• Hyper-links to individual documents can be created directly from the folder or file and sent via email. This allows user quick access to specific and/or heavily viewed documents.
• Documents included in linked items contain live information. If a document is changed, the link is automatically updated for the viewer.
• Users can choose to receive automatic email notifications to alert them when documents are added or updated within a folder.
• Uploading documents to File Exchange versus traditional email methods allows for faster distribution time, while also reducing the amount of storage space used on participants’ computers.