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333 West Woodruff
Toledo, OH 43604

Impress clients with professional-quality prints

• Produce highly accurate drawings with a printer and HP Vivera
inks that deliver outstanding details—with 0.1% line accuracy.(1

• Powerful presentations—HP Vivera inks produce a range of
colors, from vivid color to soft tones and with true neutral grays.

• Media versatility—including over 35 Original HP media—
provides additional flexibility, whether you're printing CAD
drawings, renders, or presentations.

• Create stunning large-format posters that convey your message
loud and clear. For a 3 month trial period you can use the
optional Serif PosterDesigner Pro for HP(2 with this printer.
Meet your deadlines, even with printing peaks

• Easily meet your deadlines—including occasional printing
peaks—with a printer that's up to 3 times faster than the HP
Designjet 800 Printer(3.

• Easily control printing tasks—change print job priorities, reprint
copies efficiently with the HP Embedded Web Server.

• Get back to work quickly knowing detailed prints are not a
problem thanks to in-printer processing architecture and an 80

• Handle prints right off the printer—fast-drying HP Vivera inks
produce smudge-resistant prints.

• Reprint batch HP-GL/2, PPT, and PDF files easily—with the
simple click of a button
—thanks to the free HP Instant Printing
Utility. Reprint full projects easily by simply selecting the batch
you want. The printer will manage the batch files to optimize
how the print appears on the paper. Utilize print preview to
ensure you get correct results the first time.

(see brochure for more specification details)